BUS 610 University of Miami Radiohead Memorandum




  • Write a memo directly to the band advising them whether they should self-release the album or release on itunes. Your task is to produce a logical/evidence driven projection for each of the proposed methods of release and then communicate those projections to them in an digestible manner by walking them through the logic and argument for each component of the projection. You may also advocate for which method you think is best for them, but that must be based on the projections. 
  • The completeness of your argument will be a significant factor in the grading. (Consult argument diagram and checklist handouts on documents tab)
  • The clarity of your argument will also be a significant factor in the grading. This encompasses having a logical structure, writing efficiency, and the degree to which it would be likely to be understood and impact the band if they read it. Topic sentences -headers if used- will be of particular importance to your clarity. Consult the rita feedback packet for information on topic sentences and/or contact me for help. Your introduction paragraph will follow the same guidance as the Rita memo.
  • Every element of your argument should be supported by strong reasoning and/or factual evidence (that is in part what makes for a complete argument). You may include information found outside of the case, but only if it is fairly basic/readily available/widely known. You should not engage in substantial outside research. The case is far richer in detail than it seems at first glance and it is quite possible to make a complete argument while relying exclusively on information found in the case combined with information you can derive from the information found in the case (that last part is a very important component of developing strong problem solving skills).
  • How you structure the memo is a key component of its clarity.
  • Remember we are making this a hypothetical scenario for the purpose of making the argument manageable in the 1000 word count. The hypothetical is as follows:
    • The only distribution methods are the two above: signing with a label under the standard terms for one album and selling via iTunes or selling the album via their own website
    • There is only digital sales in the form of full albums, no physical sales and no singles. You may treat any data on singles from the case as 1/10th of an album.
    • The self-release plan would be permanent, meaning not a temporary period of the first 6 or so weeks as the case mentions.
    • The service fee on the self release method goes to the band

      Also it needs to be written from the perspective of what we know about apple and their future plans as ell as how the internet operated back in 2007, but doing so without going beyond the case..
      Thank you 🙂


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