BUS 680 Training And Development Week 5 Final Exam

1. _____ are measures of the trainee’s perceptions, emotions, and subjective evaluations of the training experience. (Points : 1)



Question 2. 2. A basic premise in Social Learning Theory is (Points : 1)



Question 3. 3. Which of the following statements regarding job analysis is true? (Points : 1)

[removed] In the task-oriented approach, you first identify the tasks before determining the KSAs required.


Question 4. 4. All aspects of the training program come together in the (Points : 1)

[removed] D


Question 5. 5. A “Learning Management System” for e-training (Points : 1)

[removed] Is necessary for all e-training systems.
[removed] Is a form of programmed instruction.
[removed] Performs training-related administrative functions.
[removed] Is primarily used for Internet access to training.


Question 6. 6. When a TNA is conducted, it (Points : 1)

[removed] Guarantees that the time and money spent on training is spent wisely.
[removed] Determines the benchmark for evaluation of training.
[removed] Provides essential information in the implementation of the strategic plan.
[removed] Both B & C.


Question 7. 7. _____ involves looking at all the influences that could affect employee performance in the organization and determining their fit within organizational goals and objectives. (Points : 1)

[removed] Performance analysis
[removed] Operational analysis
[removed] Goals analysis
[removed] Organizational analysis
[removed] Personnel analysis


Question 8. 8. Resistance to learning occurs when (Points : 1)

[removed] The trainee is not motivated.
[removed] The trainee does not have the necessary prerequisite KSAs.
[removed] The environment is not conducive to learning.
[removed] There is little or no supervisor support.
[removed] All of the above.


Question 9. 9. A broad grouping of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable a person to be successful at a number of similar tasks is known as a (Points : 1)

[removed] Competency.
[removed] Test.
[removed] Job analysis.
[removed] Strategy.
[removed] Skill set.


Question 10. 10. Which of the following statements is true of motivation theories? (Points : 1)

[removed] Needs are very similar for non-management employees.
[removed] Understanding needs helps you understand behavior.
[removed] Reinforcement theory is a commonly applied needs theory.
[removed] ERG is an acronym with the E representing the environment.
[removed] Maslow and Alderfer are two researchers commonly linked to process theories.


Question 11. 11.

Explain the four types of evaluation outcomes identified in the text.

(Points : 1)



Question 12. 12.

Discuss the differences in developing employees for their current job versus for a future job and include an explanation of how the needs analysis differs.

(Points : 1)




Question 13. 13. Describe how the model of training processes serves as a problem solving tool. Include a brief explanation of each of the five phases. (Points : 2)


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