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Targeted Essential Learning

A well managed classroom promotes the ability of students to learn. (APTS 2, 8; INTASC 5)

Assessment Tool Selected

Essay: Management Plan

Specific Performance/Task(s)

The student will exhibit effective classroom management skills through the creation of a personal comprehensive classroom management plan. (APTS: 2.2, 8.8)

Relevancy of Task to Teacher Candidate

An effective classroom management plan is an indispensable tool in a teacher’s arsenal, contributing to his or her success as a teacher and, in turn, helping to promote students’ ability to learn in the classroom.

Assessment: Student Prompts/Teacher Directions

Individual: My Personal Classroom Management Plan

1)      Create your personal comprehensive classroom management plan by responding to the following questions:

a)      Specify how you will present and conduct yourself.

b)      Specify the behavioral goals for your students.

c)      Describe the classroom conditions you will provide.

d)     Specify how you will help students conduct themselves appropriately.

e)      Indicate how you will intervene when misbehavior occurs.

f)       Think through and write out how you will introduce and explain the system to your students.

2)      Early Childhood Education students should focus on Birth PK and K 3. Elementary Education students should focus on grades K 8. Secondary Education students should focus on grades 7 12.

Your plan should be presented as a 1,500 1,750 word essay 


APA Assignment focus k 8

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