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Discussion: Viability 4.1
The debate over the Constitution is not only crucial to understanding politics in American society in this time, but it is also VERY relevant today. What brought about the drive for the Constitution? What were some of the arguments for it? Against it? (Remember to cite specific evidence from the module when talking about this.) Which would you have preferred, the Constitution or the Articles? Why?
Discussion 5.1 ; From jefferson to jackson
Identify one of the key points of either Jefferson’s or Jackson’s presidency. How was it received by the general public? How did it strain relations with the Native Americans? Or other nations?
In responding to your classmates’ postings address what was different about domestic American policy after the War of 1812. How did the presidency of Andrew Jackson compare to that of Jefferson, and how did it affect the way federal government operated?
Discussion 6:1 The Great transformation
Consider the phrase the “Great Transformation” in the context this time period. What does this term mean? What did this transformation mean economically, socially, and nationally? Was the nation growing together or apart? Or could it have been a combination of both? Provide an example.
Consider the collective examples cited by your classmates. What was the cumulative impact of these examples on the national climate?
Discussion 7:1 Southern Secession
The election of Abraham Lincoln was a catalyst for the secession of the Southern states to secede despite the fact Lincoln had promised not to disturb slavery there. Identify one argument for or one argument against secession.
In responding to your classmates’ postings consider the opposing side of the debate. What supporting argument could you make for that side? Why? Consider also the previous struggles over slavery and/or federal power (i.e. the Nullification Controversy or the Kansas-Nebraska Act); and how these struggles played a role in justifying/condemning secession.
Need 4 sentences for each question and 1 sentence response to 2 people each.
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