case study 64

           For every question it must be a executive summary. I have attachments which have a s article summary and the questions. Please write the answers in a college level response,Thank you, I kinda need this ASAP……


                               Is Daylight Saving Time Efficient?

only question two


Q: Why is it possible that remaining on standard time is not necessarily the next best alternative to switching to daylight saving time? (Hint: Are there alternatives to moving clocks ahead by exactly one hour in the spring?)




         Pricing the iPad: Learning Lessons from thExplaining

only question 2

Q: Why is the price elasticity of demand for Apple’s iPhone greater than the price elasticity of the market demand for all smart cellphones? 



                   Stopping students Thursday night parties 

look at the attachment (pic) only question #1


                          Adjustment to a lower market clearing price of solar cells

Both questions #1 and #2 (must look at the attachment)


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