CBMCC Criminal Justice the Urban Community Paper





lately, particularly in response to the fatigue over the extralegal uses of force by police, there has been a lot of talk of defunding police, abolishing police, reimagining justice, etc. Is it possible to curb violence without police intervention? Please read this report. After reading the article please name two findings from the report that speaks to how a future with significantly less police intervention would look like. (Please also discuss anything else that comes to mind).

Please be sure to respond to at least *two* other student posts.
Portugal: The findings from the report speak to how a future with significantly fewer police interventions would look incredible, in my opinions, such as green space and early intervention for young people. But, first, having more police around doesn`t necessarily mean less crime. The findings in these reporting show alternatives such as those and the future look hopeful because, in reality, a neighborhood isn`t harmful or dangerous; it comes to be that way due to the environment and lack of limited resources. For example, green space has proven to lower crime and should be used. I can see that from my neighborhood, and I feel the reason is that there’s a lot of green space around. The same for interventions for young people; if more resources for them are available, there would be fewer opportunities to commit a crime, and not only that, the community would work together as a whole. Social bonds make individuals feel like they are a part of the community instead of outsiders.

Endrika: What an interesting question, Is it possible to curb violence without police intervention? automatically my answer was no before reading REDUCING VIOLENCE WITHOUT POLICE: A REVIEW OF RESEARCH EVIDENCE why was my answer no? for the simple reason that we are living in a world full of delinquency and crimes dominated mainly by young people and police intervention is necessary to be able to enforce the laws. We live in fear, the fear of robberies our even losing our lives and many of us take refuge in police to prevent things like this from happening  After reading the report, I realize that there are different ways to carry out this plan it requires a lot of work, but it is not impossible.

In the Research REDUCING VIOLENCE WITHOUT POLICE: A REVIEW OF RESEARCH EVIDENCE we can see different strategies to control violence, two of the strategies that I liked the most was Engage and Support Youth and Improve the Physical Environment. Involving and supporting youth is an essential factor in reducing violence. Most of the cases we see are dominated by youth. If the system supports and seeks a way for youth from low-income communities to get involved in programs and in positive things instead of negative and that they understand that studying and doing things well is the easiest way for a better future. Physical Environment is also extremely important since the environment in which you surround yourself greatly influences people apart from the fact that abandoned and neglected neighborhoods tend to have more delinquency and crimes than other neighborhoods. In the research, the evidence shows that if low-income neighborhoods are fixed and cared for, such as greening vacant lots and lighting public spaces, policymakers can reduce opportunities for violence.


This 2-3-page essay will be based on the neighborhood you live in. (You can choose another neighborhood if you feel more comfortable discussing it. For example, if you just moved to the neighborhood you live in right now, perhaps you do not feel comfortable writing about it. Or, maybe you spend a lot of time at your workplace, you can write about that neighborhood instead).

Some things you should keep in mind as you write your essay about your neighborhood: Who lives there? What is around you? Are there parks? Are there community centers, churches, schools, gardens, etc? Does your neighborhood go by a nickname? Is it known today by a name that is relatively new? Are there changes happening in your community? What are the neighborhood’s demographic makeup over time? What makes your neighborhood unique? Are there any cultural events or activities in your neighborhood? Pretend you belong to the Chamber of Commerce and you want to attract people to your neighborhood – what would you highlight so that people would want to come visit? For this paper, you will need to conduct research, so please be sure to cite your sources within your paper in addtion to providing a References page.

Please be sure to use APA writing guidelines and contact the writing center for help if you need it.

Question 3:

This 4-5 page paper will be about your views on space, place, and our built environment as it relates to crime, our notions of crime, and our system of criminal justice. You should write this paper within the context of a student who has taken a class on criminal justice and the urban environment, and has read articles and reviewed materials that looks at the role all of the above have on our lives. You will collect primary data, by conducting interviews. You will use the interview data you to include in the essay.  For this paper I want you to interview 2-3 people and ask them about their perception of crime and disorder in your neighborhood. You can interview anyone: a family member, neighbor, friend, teacher, police officer, librarian, even the local deli owner! You will use quotations from those interviews in your paper, but you will not use real names!! You will also use the secondary data, to give some context on what the folks are telling you. So, for example, if a person tells you “crime is at an all time high!” Then you will be able to say something about that comment, based on the data you collected on crime rates in your community. So you will need to conduct research – researching crime, health, and other community data – to discuss the information given to you during these interviews. Please do not limit your paper to simply responding to my prompts. You are expected to demonstrate critical and analytical thinking, as well as be able to incorporate the information reviewed during the session and taken a neighborhood tour as a way to see firsthand some of the perspectives discussed.

Please be sure to use APA writing guidelines and contact the writing center for help if you need it.


This PowerPoint presentation will be on a neighborhood tour you will be going on during this summer session. Please consult the list of questions found under the “Assignments” tab to guide you as you conduct your tour. Please take notes as you go on the tour. In your presentation, discuss the neighborhood tour within the context of what we have reviewed in the narrated lessons. What are your views now and are they different than the perspective you had before you took this course? Were there any reminders of what we have reviewed during the tour in any of the readings or other materials discussed in class? (Please do not limit your essay to simply responding to the questions I posed – you should include other observations as well). There is no fixed number of slides for this presentation. However, the minimum should be 10 slides. Using pictures or videos or other student-generated data (not copied from the Internet!), will be a good idea.


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