christian morality rel 330 modules 12 and 3 help please

Module 1 Discussion

Please respond to all three questions:


After reflecting on “Peace Child”, can you identify with elements of our culture that affect your moral perspective?


After reviewing the “Methods of Moral Decision Making” can you identify a method you use more often than others?


In “Conscience and Authority” there is a reference to the Sherman experiment that attempts to determine if prior reflection or education on an issue might make a difference in deciding to follow authority. Do you think this can make a difference with political authority today?



Module 2 Discussion

Please respond to all questions:

Do you think it is difficult at times to recognize or admit our true intentions in personal matters?


Aristotle suggested that practicing a virtue daily eventually changes ones character. You become what you practice. Can you see a practical application here for character development or altering bad habits?


Mattison discusses two perspectives on freedom; freedom for excellence and freedom of indifference. How does this theological perspective differ from the perspective of our popular culture?



Module 3 Discussion

Please respond to all questions:

Crossin talks about the benefits of counting your blessings daily. How might this be of benefit to you?


Do you think there are situations where continence rather than temperance is the highest possible state one is able to achieve?


Can you think of an activity where people act wrongly and are invincibly ignorant of it?


A person who commits an invincibly ignorant sin is not guilty of the sin. but is still affected by it. For example, a teen who drinks punch someone spiked with alcohol has not committed a sin. but if she drinks too much. she will still be drunk. be a dangerous driver, possibly say and do things she would not ordinarily. and have a hangover the next day.


In everyday Virtues, Crossin describes church architecture and how it can inspire. Do you feel that church architecture and environment can motivate or inspire?

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