CJA474 Phoenix Effective Practices for Managers and Supervisors Paper




Throughout the course, strategies, techniques, and philosophies have been presented to make managers and supervisors more effective in performing their responsibilities in directing personnel.

Complete the Effective Practices for Managers and Supervisors worksheet. Detail only (12) effective practices for managers and supervisors. There is a box entitled: Source in APA Format on your worksheet. Cite your source reference here; note that you must also provide a reference page.

Use any of the textbook readings from Weeks 1-5. At least three examples should be from the Wk 5 chapters.

Provide an APA-formatted reference page listing your citation for each practice (note that there is a box on the worksheet for you to provide the corresponding citation). For this exercise you need only provide a reference entry for each citation, not for each page you find it on. So, if you have 4-citations from Stojkovic, just list it one time, appropriately, on your reference page.


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