Columbia University Mental Mentor for Children Reflective Essay




You should write ONE reflective entry which accounts for 20% of total assessment scores. This entry serves as one of the artefacts in your University ePortfolio (UePortfolio), and you are expected to show competence in both critical reflective thinking and the corresponding expression. The minimum word limit of the entry is 600 words.

You should reflect on selected undergraduate experiences with the following two elements in the content of your entry:

  1. Self-reflection on class sharing, discussions and after-class self-contemplation, and
  2. Critical feedback on peer study group sharing and discussions.

You are encouraged to record your reflections regularly, in order to refresh your thoughts, prompt your peer study group members’ discussions and sharing, and help you probe deeper into the theme or focus area and issues your UePortfolio will be based on. You are strongly recommended to use your reflective entry in your UePortfolio, as an evidence of your undergraduate learning experiences.


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