COM 1002 RC Communication Response to Conflict Discussion




Think about a conflict you have experienced either in the workplace or in a significant personal relationship. In your initial post respond to the following questions with a minimum 3-4 sentence answer.

  1. Describe the situation briefly and consider which response to conflict was demonstrated by either you OR the other person in the conflict. (Examples would be avoidance or collaboration.)
  2. What communication strategies did you use to resolve the conflict?

For your response, compare and contrast the conflict you discussed in your original post with your classmate’s conflict. Make sure your response is 4-6 sentences long.

I use to work at Panera when I was younger, and it was my first job. We had four managers there, and for the most part, they were all pretty lovely except one, and he was a male. He would also get furious and try to be very close next to you, which would make you feel uncomfortable. He was also known for touching a few of the female’s butts on “accident,” but you can tell it was on purpose, and he would do it in a way that if you checked the cameras, it would look that way also. He was insulting and disrespectful to us and the other girl who would work there; he would throw things and try and get in your face.

Everyone else would allow him too do this but me and the other four girls would not and this made him mad. About four other girls and I were working there for a while, and we’re very good at our job and would get things done, but when another girl starter working and was working there for months, she still wasn’t good at her job and would stand around and not help and go in the back and talk and eat, and he wouldn’t do anything. We would be working and doing everything, and he would talk mess or say we weren’t or make us do the things that she should be doing but is standing around instead . We would try to explain to him how we were doing stuff and how the other girl wouldn’t help, and he would make excuses for her.

So what we did was speak to the girl when he wasn’t around and told her what she can do to help and what she needed to do to help around the store and that help solve the issue for us, and he stops picking with us. Us communicating with the girl helped solved the issue because talking too the manger was not going to solve it.

Our response to the conflict would be avoidance we wouldn’t talk to the new girl unless it was work related and the same thing for the manger.


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