comm college accounting ii class take full class 50000

Hello, I am soliciting Accounting 2 for the current quarter. This is for someone to take the entire class, start to finish, a complete handoff, you will be responsible for all class work, assignments, quizes, posts, exams….Everything.

this is my 3rd quarter hiring a tutor for entire classes. I am paying $500 for the entire class completion provided a grade of 80% or better is achieved, acceptance payment along with progress payments will be made per the attached payment milestone schedule.
I have researched the price for this class along with others substantially, this is a fair and good price for this class, the price is not negotiable.

The reason I am looking for a new tutor for this class is primarily due to one reason, I am not a babysitter, I do not want to have to remind you of assignments due, tests due or other class requirements. Missing an exam because you forgot is NOT ACCEPTABLE or exusable. I am looking for a professional that can take this over and I do not have to worry about it. I am looking for a long term tutor, someone who I can send all future classes to aswell provided this is a good experience, I do not want to keep posting classes and working with different tutors, that being said do not approach me with higher proposed prices, this price has been proven to be a fair price and is what I am able to afford.


class book is available online, this is a community college basic accounting II class (2 of 3).


This is the second of three accounting courses.  The course content includes both current and long term assets, current and long term liabilities, components of stockholders’ equity, the corporate income statement, statement of cash flows and financial statement analysis.  Real world illustrations are incorporated reflecting current relevant business practices and applications of accounting principles.  


Students must have the following skills: 
    1.    Completion of Accounting 1 or equivalent   
    Demonstrated skills using a word processing program.
    3.    The ability to navigate and use a browser as well as execute searches on the Internet is necessary.    


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1.            Identify and define accounts and notes receivable and demonstrate the accounting procedures related to receivables.

2.            Define and identify plant assets, natural resources, intangibles and demonstrate the accounting procedures related to the accounting for plant assets, including acquisition, depreciation and disposal.

3.            Identify and demonstrate accounting procedures for current liabilities, payroll and payroll taxes.

4.            Describe bonds payable and journalize related transactions, distinguishing between bond discount and premium.

5.            Describe the corporate form of business organization, the components of stockholders’ equity and journalize related transactions; account for cash dividends and capital stock transactions.

6.            Identify and give details on items affecting a corporate income statement, account for corporate income taxes, prepare the income and stockholders’ equity financial statements, and distinguish between stock dividends and stock splits.

7.            Prepare a statement of cash flows, clarifying the types of activities reported on the statement.

8.            Demonstrate knowledge in evaluating financial performance using various financial ratios, analytical tools and techniques.

9.            Define IFRS and recognize its future importance



Your Requirements and expectations of me:

to get paid within 24 hours of hitting a payment milestone, prompt payment Everytime.


meet the requirements of the course agreement (attached


My Requirements and expectations of you:

submit assignments early

NEVER miss an assignment or Quiz

meet the requirements of the course agreement (attached)




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