communications final project check list summary your organization your role leading it and h

* Communications Final Project Check List Summary of your organization, your role in leading it, and how you communicate its mission and purpose. Name of Organization Mission Statement: One or two short paragraphs Organization Plan (Must Include the Following) Personnel # of Employees Roles Hierarchy Administration Structure (how is the leadership organized?) Budget Annual Operation Budget Cost of doing business Rent for offices Investment in furniture, technology, travel, expense accounts, outsourced services, etc. Projected revenue Gifts?, Customers?, Budget Allocated? Communication Tools How will your organization use and incorporate the following tools Website Social Networks Customer/Donor/Constituent Database Publications Mailings Email communications Internal office communications tools What are other tools you will need to run your particular organization i.e. If you are the sports information director you may need to invest in audio/visual production equipment. Marketing Plan How will you use your communication tools to effective draw customers, attention, support, or donors to your organization? 3 5 Year Growth Plan What is your plan for the next 3 5 years? How will you lead your organization forward and in what direction? What are the things you think your organization can do down the road? What are the things you do now that you want to do better tomorrow? How will you get there? Organization Brand (Culture) Describe the values and environment of your organization Disciplinary structure What to do with employees who are not meeting expectations Recruitment Plan How will your recruit the talent you need to be successful?
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