Community Health Nursing Windshield Survey




community assessment “windshield survey” of eight community subsystems: physical environment, health and social services, economics, safety and transportation, politics and government, communication, education, and recreation with the purpose of identifying the community nursing role regarding the needs of the population assessed. choose a zip code, community, or municipality in MIAMI/ MIAMI-DADE COUNTY (POSSIBLE ZIP CODES 33186, 33157,33196, 33176, 33033, 33146, POSSIBLE COMMUNITIES: HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA CITY, HAMMOCKS, SOUTH MIAMI, WEST MIAMI-DADE). Each community assessment will be responsible for the survey that includes: a virtual walk-through assessment of the community, evidence of the strengths/weaknesses/resources (city websites, community health departments, census data), nursing diagnosis, and proposed community interventions. Your results will be presented in a 5-10 page report in APA style and format (APA 7th edition manual).


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