community health project 0

The BHA 3501 Course Project gives you the opportunity to study an important community health problem or challenge and analyze it in depth, presenting your findings in an APA written paper format. Any topic introduced in this course may be selected for your project. It is a good idea to conduct an internet research on potential topics that you are considering for your Course Project before selecting one. You will want to determine that plenty of information is available online for incorporation into your project. In preparing the Course Project, you will critically analyze issues related to your community health topic, and you will consider both our current healthcare environment and future directions in community health.




The length of the Course Project should be seven to ten pages, double spaced, and in strict APA format. The Course Project is a significant portion of your grade, so you should consider it a very important activity.


You will need at least five outside sources for your Course Project beyond the course textbook. Web resources and professional journal articles will be key sources in researching your topic. In text citations and APA referencing are required. You will list all of your sources on a Reference Page at the end of the project.


The BHA 3501 Course Project will include at least the following sections; you may want to include others if you deem them appropriate:


1. Introduction of your Topic

2. Challenges and Problems Associated with your Topic

3. Review of the Community Health Literature

4. Critical Analysis of Challenges/Problems

5. Recommended Solutions

6. Implementation of Solutions

7. Justification of Solutions

8. Conclusion

9. References


Some possible Course Project topics for your consideration include:


·         History of Public Health Practices

·         Government Roles in Community Health

·         Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases

·         Epidemiology of Non communicable Diseases

·         Community Organizing for Health

·         Coordinated Programs for School Health

·         Maternal Community Health Priorities

·         Infant Community Health Priorities

·         Child Community Health Priorities

·         Adolescent/Young Adult Community Health Priorities

·         Adult Community Health Priorities

·         Elder Community Health Priorities

·         Community Health and Minority Groups

·         Treatment of Mental Illness

·         Drug Abuse and Community Health

·         Impacts of Pollution on Community Health

·         Intentional Injuries and Community Health

·         Unintentional Injuries and Community Health

·         Domestic Violence and Community Health

·         Occupational Injuries and Disease in Community Health



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