compare and contrast homophobia and heterosexism provide detailed examples

  1. . Each response should be two pages,  Be sure to apply terms/concept(s) from the chapters, and/or the slide presentations. Use at least two direct quotes with citations (ASA style) from an academic source (such as text, module slides, or me) per response to support your points. Apply examples from your personal lives, current events, and/or class lectures. Write one response, then the next, then include your reference page. It is all one paper. No late work is accepted. You must upload the entire paper as ONE attachment file under CAAP 2 UPLOAD in Moodle. The attachment must be Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, PDF, or Word Pad (RTF) format. I cannot open Mac files (Pages), so you will have to convert it.
  2. Papers must be typed. Use a standard 12 size font in either: Tahoma, Times New Roman, Courier New, or Arial. The paper should be double spaced.
  3. Put your heading (name and such) in the header of the paper – you do not need a cover page. Put page numbers at the footer of the paper. Before each response, write the Module section and number of the prompt you are answering.
  4. Be sure to reference the author you directly quoted, even if it is from the textbook or lectures. You should have a page at the very end called “References”. Feel free to quote things I have said as well. You only need one reference page. Wikipedia and are not academic sources – you do not need to use it. The only sources you need for this assignment are your class notes, slides, and/or textbook. Follow the American Sociological Association format for “Citations in Text” and the reference page:

(OR just do a Google search for “ASA style guide”)

  1. When writing formally, avoid using contractions (can’t, don’t, won’t). Use the full versions (can not, do not, will not). Do not use slang such as “cool”. Spell out smaller numbers (twenty instead of 20). Do not end sentences in prepositions (with, for, by, along, in, out).
  2. Make sure you break your work up into paragraphs. Do not submit one long paragraph for each response.
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