compare and contrast ivan with oedipus from our earlier reading of oedipus rex

Respond to the following prompt

Compare and contrast Ivan with Oedipus from our earlier reading of Oedipus Rex. Are both characters equally tragic? What is similar about their tragic fates? What is different? Why do these differences matter? Do you find one character or story more compelling than the other, and if so, why?

Initial Post

  • Posts should be 300–500 words each
  • Back up your arguments with evidence from the readings. Be sure to use quote, summary, or paraphrase at least once per post
  • Respond to the discussion prompt and demonstrate higher order thinking (apply, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, examine, pose, or connect to course concepts)
  • Follow MLA formatting and documentation guidelines when referring to course readings and other materials. Any Internet sources you quote, paraphrase, or summarize must be cited
  • Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation
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