complete 3 business discussions 7

Discussion 1:

Database, Database Management System, and Business Applications

1. Watch the following two videos from the course Relational Database Fundamentals with Adam Wilbert.

2. Review Figure F2.1 Database, Database Management System, and Business Applications on page 28 of the textbook. Based on the videos, and your readings this week, please respond to the following questions:

  • Choose a set of data from the database list (e.g., Performance data). Next, select the appropriate application program that the data interfaces with via the database management system (i.e. Performance program). Now, explain how information from the application and system are displayed on your computer screen as the user. Explain how you use the program and what functions are available to you. What recommendations would you make to improve the program’s functionality to make it easier for end users


  • Hello Class,Welcome to week #2. I am sure you all had a fantastic weekend! Thank you for those who have already started us of strong this week. For this week we will be discussing trust and accountability in consulting. Please check out the video in the instructor insights dealing with this very topic. “Trust and Accountability” Please discuss the following:
    • Trust has been identified as a major consideration when choosing a consultant to improve business processes. Create a persuasive argument to convince a potential client that you are trustworthy and can deliver results.
    • Accountability is also important in the consulting relationship. Recommend a strategy that you could employ in a consulting relationship that demonstrates you are accountable for your outcomes.
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