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Rewarding Top Talent

Bock states: “Fairness is when pay is commensurate with contribution.” How does your organization recognize and reward top talent? Based on this week’s readings, what would you recommend your organization to do differently? In your response to classmates, comment on similarities and differences between the challenges in your organization and in theirs.


  • You have been assigned to analyze the project plan of a payroll system that is behind schedule and over budget. The project was supposed to be completed in one (1) year, but now, it is running about three (3) months behind schedule and 25% over budget. It is expected that the project may continue to fall further behind schedule and over budget. Your superior wants to know if the project can be saved. Recommend a series of actions to save the project and identify the risks in taking such an approach.


Select one of the case studies listed below (located in your textbook.)

Then complete the following:

  • Add your opinion about the choices and decisions being made—if this was your company would you make this choice?
  • What would you do differently?


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