Computer Crime Investigation


  • Describe the various levels of penalties that someone can face for breaking the following laws including the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and the Florida Criminal Use of Personal Identification Information. Compare and contrast the penalty levels faced by each law.
  • Explain whether you believe the laws mentioned previously are clear and specific and whether the punishment levels are appropriate for individuals that break the law. Suggest a recommendation on how the law can be modified to deter this criminal activity.


  • List the agencies that enforce the computer crime laws for your state (Virginia).  Describe the process for reporting a computer crime and the resources available to assist victims of computer crime in your state.
  • Imagine you are responsible for establishing an additional computer law for your state. Suggest a law in which your state does not already enforce, and explain why you would implement this in your particular state. The law must be an existing U.S. computer law.
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