computing security

This should be easy each one of you need to find one article (check the course content lots of links with good sources under Key Sources … Research Databases), post a summary and its link for the others to see, and come to a consensus on which article to use (this is why it is called group work). Write the report as a draft (no need for fancy formatting) but please, avoid common grammatical/spelling errors. This is due on before the final exam (if done sooner, let me know). As before, the leader will post the report in the assignment folder and everyone will enter what part of the project they worked on.
Search using terms such as “Webcam, confidentiality, integrity, Java, denial of service, firewalls, encrypted e mail, or instant messaging”, or other similar terms. Find a current news or research article showing how current network technology has added new complexity to security problems.
Then, in a page (single spaced) write a brief report describing how the article shows that networking magnifies the security problem, and explain how the problem is related to one or more of the computer security controls we have studied.

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