Core Value of Public Health Discussion




You are the new community health director. Your manager wants you to focus on critical areas of health concerns for the citizens of the community and develop a social marketing campaign to help promote positive social behavioral change.Identify a current health concern that influences cultures differently.Write a 700- to 1,050-word report on social justice issues related to healthcare quality and access that are impacted by culture and race. Complete the following in your paper:

Evaluate the importance of social justice.

  1. Discuss the psychological influences and sociocultural influences of physical health and disease.

Discuss the differences in healthcare and medical delivery systems related to a health outcome (for example, high blood pressure or obesity) that is impacted by culture differently.

For example, you could look at differences in healthcare systems in a large metropolitan area versus ones in a rural area.

Analyze how the following five cultural influences may contribute to different health outcomes.


Lifestyles and behaviors

  • Attitudes and beliefs
  • Healthcare
  • Environment
  • Analyze the importance of culture to health overall.
  • Discuss the value of diversity, the value of diversity of cultures, and the impact of diversity on health outcomes.


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