correction and organization

this is the quastion i wrote the essay i just need help in grammer fixition and correct the organization

For each dietary change from weeks 2, 3 and 4 of the challenge, please discuss the following. (You do not need to include your week one changes trying a new food in this paper because you already completed a paper describing those experiences).

  • A description of the dietary change you implemented
  • Why you chose the change you did
  • How the change could improve your health (both now and in the long term)
  • How you implemented each change
  • How you felt physically and emotionally during the challenge (better, worse, the same)
  • What you liked most about the change
  • What was most difficult about living with the change
  • If you ever “cheated” and why
  • Is the change sustainable in your life? Why or why not.
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