Course Project – Part IV Tools for a Health Services Manager

This week you are asked to prepare a summary of the tools that you have prepared to present to management. This summary should include a definition and/or description of each of the tools that you have prepared. Explain how each of these tools is used by a health services manager.


Following are the tools that you have prepared:




Part I Mission, Vision, and Values


Part II Policy/Procedure


Part III Organization Chart

Also this week, you need to present all of the tools listed above to your manager (instructor) in a portfolio. You should consider the comments that your instructor has provided on your previous assignments when making revisions for you final submittal.

You will be graded on the professionalism of your portfolio and tools. Make your tools as “real” and workable as possible. If you need to, please review the Course Project Introduction in Week 02 for a general overview of this project. Each part of the project will include a short lecture about the tool or tools that you will be preparing that week. These notes and instructions must be taken into consideration as you prepare your tools. Points will also be deducted for errors in spelling and/or grammar.

You should submit all of your tools and your summary in the same drop box submission.


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