create a linear regression model amp word art visual

Please create a Linear Regression Model & Word-Art Visual diagram for the data on

Research Question to be Answered: Are there Earthlike potentially habitable planets that exist outside of our immediate star system? If so, how many?

Introduction and Problem Background: Kepler Exoplanet Space Observatory.The Kepler Space Observatory is a NASA-built satellite that was launched in 2009.This particular satellite was created with one dedication, which is to search for exoplanets in external star systems to ours. The goal that NASA has set forth to achieve is to locate a potential like-Earth habitable planet.Ultimately the original mission ended in 2013 due to mechanical failures, however the telescope has remained functional since 2014 on the “K2” extended mission.

Results from Exploratory Analysis:Kepler has identified 1,284 new exoplanets as of May 2016.On October 2017, the identification increased to over 3,000 exoplanets.The data set is cumulative.It’s a combination of all observed Kepler identifications of “objects of interest” in which Kepler has approximately 10,000 exoplanets candidates throughout its mission.We can surmise the top data points for categorization as follows;

  • kepo_name which is a target identified by the Kepler satellite that is perceived as truly planetary.
  • Kepler_name which are used to classify objects that have been confirmed as planets (step up from planet candidate designation).
  • Koi_dispositon which is the classification of being a candidate, a false positive, a non-dispositioned, and a confirmation of exoplanet.
  • Koi_pdisposition which is the disposition the Kepler data analysis uses toward an exoplanet candidate.
  • Koi_score which is a value between zero and one that helps indicate the confidence level in the KOI disposition.The candidate will have a higher value indicating higher confidence in its disposition while the false positives are also noted as a higher value if they are truly indicative of a less confident exoplanet.

Data Mining and Analysis Methodology:

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