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The last quarter of the 20th century saw the dawning of the age of technology. In current time, technology has evolved to become partners with humans. Technological advances have sprung forward at such a quickening pace that it is difficult to remain on pace with it. What was once the latest, most sophisticated device yesterday, is now today’s old news and tomorrow’s junk pile. Foremost in the war of protecting infrastructure elements and sectors, technology has replaced human presence. Technology is now the “eyes and ears” of protection. Technology is used to test steel and concrete, audit financial records, record data, project an analysis, and provide a security presence where people cannot.

  • Specifically, how do you think interagency cooperation can be stifled simply because of required bureaucratic communication procedures and protocol?
  • How is technology used to improve communication breakdowns?
  • How do you think technology can further improve interagency communications? Explain.
  • How is technology used in protecting critical infrastructure? Explain.
    • Are the current types of technology used effective? Why or why not?
  • What major technological issues can you foresee with regard to critical infrastructure protection? Explain.

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