Describe the driving forces of the firm’s industry

This part of your strategic management midterm assignment begins within your team.  Confer with your teammates to combine your thoughts and analytical abilities to analyze the assigned firm.  Each response should be single spaced and contained on a single page. Use this file as your template with your name entered above.

Work together to answer the following questions. YOU MUST RESPOND TO THE QUESTIONS AS AN INDIVIDUAL.  Do discuss your answers with one another but do not write the answers together.  After watching the video and gathering the necessary information, talk about the data sources and how they might be used to gain an understanding of the firm, its industry and the issues it is confronting.  This is not a situation in which you can cut and paste.  Read, discuss and digest the data.  Then work independently to formulate your individual response.

The company is Service Corporation Internationals

1.     Describe the driving forces of the firm’s industry

2.     Provide a complete description of the economic features of the industry.  Be brief.

3.     Provide a complete analysis of the competitive nature of the industry using the five-forces model.  Be brief.

4.     Provide a solid prediction of what relevant competitors are likely to do in the future based on their objectives, capabilities, intentions and beliefs about the industry.  Be brief.

5.     Provide a complete financial analysis that includes the implications of absolute and relative measures of the firm’s financial statements from a historical and prospective point of view.  Be brief.

6.     Provide an evaluation of the firm’s prices and costs using value chain approach.

7.     Provide a SWOT analysis.  Be brief.

8.     Provide a description of strategic issues based on other analyses.  Be brief. The definition of a strategic issue is provided in the document titled Issues Statement that is attached inside the Blackboard assignment.

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