different drummers in the 21st century 2

This discussion page offers an opportunity to share ideas and experiences with music. If you enjoy a specific style type or genre of music; have been to a spectacular concert for the Live Performance Review; want to share what you discovered about Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm” Variations; or found music you have heard to class that is particularly mesmerizing, share your experiences here.

In general, describe a favorite style [genre] of music. Provide an overview of the characteristics of the music, including the use of music elements – pitch [melody and harmony; consonance and dissonance]; timbres [specific instruments including voices]; rhythm and tempo; and dynamics. Describe how the music evolves. Is there a preponderance of repetition or do contrasts dominate? Be as specific as possible so that your readers can ‘almost hear’ the music you describe.

Which of the elements in the music is most significant in terms of the meaning of the music? If there are lyrics, is the poetry more or less important than the traditional elements of the music? How does the music make you feel? Do you find yourself physically moving to the rhythms? Do the tempo and dynamics influence your choices in music?

Does your cultural background play a role in the music of your daily life?

How would you convince others that this music is excellent music?

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