discussion 2440

1) Answer this question 250 words.

Do you feel that you have learned more about your academic preparedness following this course to be successful in GE and into your academic core courses? Please provide specific examples.

2) comment for this one (these can be examples for answer the first question)

I believe that this course actually taught me the fundamentals of juggling time. It has been a hard start to an ever harder success. This course helped show how rigorous the program really is and offered insight on our future classes. This was definitely very helpful, just as much as it was hard. Moving forward with my classes, I will successfully be able to work through different assignments, pacing myself yet maintaining an appropriate amount of time on each subject.

This has really been beneficial to me, and I believe that the modules are intimidating, yet resourceful. Since the beginning of this FYS class, I have learned many new ways to study, get good grades, and be able to juggle other classes. I believe that this class is essential in learning the fundamentals to begin pursuing your career in Nursing. I am very glad that the modules were easy to follow along with, and actually broke down problems or questions. This is essential when learning an unfamiliar topic. I hope that moving forward with the math class I will have to take soon, I can take the information I learned through the modules to help contribute to my success.

3) and 1 comment for this.

After successfully procrastinating on completing the modules for SmartPrep, I have a lot I have learned from this course but I still need to fully implement while I am a student here at West Coast. Time management has become one thing that I have learned while taking my GEs. My planner has been a life saver. I don’t just use it for scheduling study and class time, but also for other personal events in my life so I can readily prepare and have ample amount of time to succeed in all realms. I’ve learned that I have to say no sometimes to certain invitations and that I am most definitely more of an in class learner. As much as I did find this class useful, I feel it would’ve been more effective for me to have an in class setting to retain what I’ve learned, collaborate with other classmates, communicate with my instructor directly, etc. So in learning this, I do not intend on signing up for online coarses anytime soon! Other things I’ve learned are: good notes can determine whether I get a C or an A on a quiz, making connections with peers is important in going about this program with a support system, and I cannot personally take Monday 7 am classes from now on (I currently have two 7 am classes and my brain doesn’t fully wake up until noon haha) I learned a lot about myself as a student because of this class.

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