Discussion Board Reply

 After reading your classmates’ threads, choose one to which you will  respond, then write a reply that interacts with your classmate’s thread  and presents a well-reasoned alternative to his or her approach to the  issue. You do not have to defend a position that is diametrically  opposed to your classmate’s position, but you do need to either defend a  position that is significantly different than his/hers or defend the  same position in a very different way. If possible, you must reply to a  classmate to whom no one else has yet replied. Treat your classmate’s  opinion with sensitivity and respect.

Your reply must be 500–600 words. You will be penalized for falling  short or exceeding the word count. Any quotes or information used from  sources other than yourself (including your classmate’s thread) must be  cited using footnotes in current Turabian format and will not count  towards the total word count.

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