discussion food matters

Choose one of the following articles to read, then answer the questions pertaining to your article of choice in this discussion (10 pts). Remember that you must answer the question to its fullest potential in order to receive full credit: explain and exemplify. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE as it will result in zero points. After posting, you may return to the thread and learn about the article you did not read from your peers. I will be “liking” the most accurate, complete, and well written responses. Both articles are assessed in your upcoming test.

The New Face of Hunger“: The wealthiest nation on Earth experiences hunger in the age of the plenty. This article explains food insecurity in America.

  • What is “the new face of hunger” in the United States? What is the role of governmental subsidies in shaping hunger and health problems among the poor? Which county has the highest number of SNAP participants in the US? What is a food desert how does it relate to urban sprawl (textbook, pg. 101)?

“Ugly Foods”: There is more to hunger than the amount of food that we produce. How much food goes to waste? This article explains this in a global perspective.

  • Describe the scope of food waste in the US and the world? What is the environmental toll of such waste? What can be done to minimize food waste?
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