discussion question




After Reading Chapter 3 answer the following discussion question. Please follow guidelines in syllabus.

The following dilemmas should be discussed within the framework of the PRSA code of ethics.

The president of a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange dies of lung cancer, but the board of directors decides not to announce his death until it is determined who will succeed him and how top management will be realigned. The board feels that immediate announcement of the president’s death will cause loss of confidence in the company’s stock–and
SEC rules do allow up to 15 days for the release of material information about a company. Consequently, company telephone operators are told to tell callers that the president is “out of town.” A newspaper reporter, however, calls you as director of public relations and says she has heard rumors that the company president has died. She asks you to confirm or deny these rumors. What do you do?

Each online discussion question is worth 50 points. Your response directly to my discussion question is worth 35 points and it must consist of at least 75 to 100 words (not to be attached by file). Your response to at least one other colleague in the class is worth 15 points and must consist of at least 50 words. Your responses must state your opinion, use textbook chapter learning to prove your comments to challenge or support the question or writer, and must be, at least the word count mentioned above.


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