discussion the tale of genji

This discussion is based on The Tale of Genji on pp. 461-483 in World Literature IPart Two. (The syllabus incorrectly states the page range as 465-483.)

For this discussion, you must contribute one new thread and 2 thoughtful responses to 2 other classmates. Each of your three posts should be 150 words or more. Refer to the rubric in this module in order to see how this discussion will be graded.

After reading The Tale of Genji, consider the following questions:

1. This work is considered the world’s first novel. Do you agree with that classification? Why or why not?

2. Think about the heroism in The Iliad and The Odyssey. What possibly makes Genji a hero and how does it compare to those two other works?

3. What is the purpose of the poems? How do you think the poems affect the narrative of this story?

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