Does Bat Boy Exist?




Does Bat Boy Exist?

Before we can effectively argue and make a decision on a claim, we need to feel comfortable that we are making the correct decision. Even after asking the best questions and creating contentions, how can we be so sure in the result?

Here is a picture of Bat Boy that appeared in a now defunct tabloid, The Weekly World News (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..


As the story goes Bat Boy was captured in a cave and brought to a secret government facility to be studied. This seemed cruel and eventually he was released. Since that time he has appeared in this publication many times, becoming a bit of a folk hero.

There is even a musical based on his life, Bat Boy the Musical (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

The question I have for you:

“Does Bat Boy Exist?” that is, “How sure are you of the existence or non-existence of Bat Boy?” After you answer this, you need to explain “Why or why not.” What questions would you ask and answer to help you make your decision?

Important, as you see by the grading rubric, I want you to cite at least one source that supports an aspect of your argument. We are moving away from personal opinions. Since we are not experts, we need to cite experts to support your arguments.


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