economic choose 1 topic

1. Government regulations which increase the standardization of products would be desirable for consumers, because it would increase the intensity of price competition. Do you agree or disagree? Justify your answer.

2. How can the government and central bank best control inflation? Consider both fiscal and monetary policies and the effect of these polices on other macro-economic variable such as unemployment and economic growth.

3. “fossil fuels will eventually run out so the rational thing is to shift to renewable energy sources now”. critically assess this statement, making reference to behavioral and empirical reason why somebody might not fully agree with this argument.

4. What are the main risks facing a typical commercial/retail bank, and what steps can the bankers take to overcome these hazards?

5. “government are justified in introducing taxation measure in an attempt to improve the health of citizens.” Discuss.

6. what is the concept of foundations in mathematics? Explain the foundational crisis in mathematics in the early 20yh century and its resolution. Compare the way that foundations are viewed today with how they were viewed at that time.

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