Educational Experiences Discussion




For Paper 2 I am asking you to demonstrate growing competence in objectives, SLOs 1, 2, 3 and 4:

1.Analyze and interpret your educational experiences using sociological perspectives.

2.Critically assess and apply sociological theories and research to contemporary issues in education and schooling.

3.Understand the ethical and social justice implications of sociological work on education.

4.Recognize relationships between education/schooling and constructions of race, gender/sex, and social class

You will choose an educational issue and, drawing from sociological research in class materials AND two sociological journal articles along with reflection on your own experiences and observations, write a critical analysis of that issue incorporating analysis of relevant aspects of race, gender and class. Examples of issues include but are not limited to:  pipeline to prison, bullying, standardized testing, reproduction of inequality, immigration, etc.

PREP: Do a search using the library data program “Sociological Abstracts” to locate two peer reviewed studies on your chosen issue.  In addition, you need to review our related class materials, including your wonderful forums! Take notes and then make the outline from which your paper will flow.


Your critical analysis shall center on the issue you choose. Write sociologically and include the following items which shall constitute the rubric I use to assess your papers:

1.Overview of the issue (why/how/for whom is it an issue)

2.Application of relevant theoretical perspectives/concepts on your issue

3.Relevant data from your research and from relevant course readings/films

4.Implications for social justice and equity in education with attention to race, class and gender

5.Proof for spelling and grammar so you don’t lose points. Double space and be sure to number your pages.

Upload your paper as a WORD doc to this assignment page (P2) using this designation for your paper: last name, first initial then P2.  Example:  smith_j_P2


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