emerging network course homework


4055 817 emerging network course


Think about each question in detail before formulating your answer.  Your answer should be complete and you should include examples to support your answer.  There is no limitation on the amount you can write.


Each answer should include minimum of 130 words



1.   Explain Ad Hoc Networks and their usage.


2.   Explain the routing protocols in Mobil Ad Hoc Networks (MANET).


3.   What are your thoughts on MANET VANET?  Implementation Issues?  Security challenges?  What is the current state of technology?


4.   How will routing be different in Ad Hoc Networks versus Wireless Sensor Networks?


5.   What are some of the security issues in Sensor Networks?


6.   How do we ensure data privacy, integrity, and authentication in Sensor Networks?


7.   List and explain at least three Mesh Network applications.


8.   Explain what a good Mesh Routing Protocol should have.


9.   Explain Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN) and their usage.


10.               What is your opinion about Smart Grid technology and its usage its future use?


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