essay 296



essay about “pirated movies ” 
the name of the article is “If you want to watch ‘game of thrones,’ pay for it” from LA times. It’s not available right now but I will summarize what it talks about. The author is against hacking through different shows and movies so that people don’t have to pay for it, millions of people watched shows like “game of thrones”, and “The bing bang theory” on websites like Torent more than the original broadcasted channel. Just discuss the idea of downloading movies and shows illegally, and how this might affect the entertainment industry and how those companies have to pay for their workers while different sites pirated it. Also some shows tend to release their shows just to make buss and get attention from the audience. 

please write it as soon as possible 🙂 ! 
at least two pages. 
1 hr and 15 mins you have 🙂 

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