Ethical and Legal Issues in The Group Portfolio




In the course textbook, there is a list of 10 specific practices most likely to prevent lawsuits. Compile a portfolio addressing each item on the list. Some items will require a statement by you, made to your group, simply making group members aware of certain ethical or legal issues. Other items will require you to design documents for use with groups. Items need not be in order, but please label each item with its corresponding list number.

each item is worth 10 pts

You can use the format you choose for the assignment.

Item #:

1 = Screening form/questions you would use

2 = Rules/responsibilities on a list to be discussed

3 = Ethics code (highlights, website, what do you need to provide group members?)

4 = Theories/techniques you will use

5 = Consent forms/contracts

6 = Confidentiality and its exceptions

7 = Recent research/theory/practice (sources, reference list?)

8 = How will members measure progress?

9 = How will you obtain peer supervision? Your plan?

10 = Billing? Record keeping?


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