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For this question, I want you to compare and contrast the theories of 
libertarianism and Rawls’ justice as fairness whether these mandates (9 11% companies; 6 and 32% 
workers) are just or not. First, I want you to make an argument against these mandates using the 
theory of libertarianism. Second, I want you to make an argument for these mandates using John Rawls’ 
theory of justice as fairness. Be sure to include in your reasons the main points of these theories. 
This is the question
Question choice one: Over the past few years, the Federal Supreme Court has taken up the question of 
“affirmative action” policies in the United States as related to education and hiring practices. For any 
student not familiar with affirmative action, read the Stanford Encyclopedia entry on affirmative action: action/ In short, affirmative action policies allow public 
institutions, businesses and universities to consider race and gender (as two of many factors) in hiring 
and admissions practices as a way to 1) correct historical injustices against women and minorities in 
hiring and admissions and 2) foster diversity in business and education that is seen by some as morally 
good. Thus, theoretically, if two applicants are equal in qualifications, the public institution, business or 
university may consider their race or gender in admissions or hiring. A good example of Affirmative 
Action is related to our own building of the new Vikings Stadium. The Minnesota Sports Facilities 
Association (MSFA) and the Minnesota Vikings are building a new Vikings Stadium that will cost almost 
$1 billion dollars and open in 2016. The stadium will require millions in taxes. Mortenson Construction 
Company won the contract and will oversee the project. In agreement with MSFA and the Vikings, 
Mortenson has made this statement about hiring women, people with disabilities and minority owned 
companies and workers:
Construction of the new stadium will require nearly 4.3 million work hours and will involve 7,500 
tradespeople from 19 different trades and hundreds of local subcontractors and suppliers. In 
addition, the MSFA and the Vikings have established a Targeted Business Program that sets an 
11% and 9% goal for construction contracts for the project to be awarded to women and 
minority owned business enterprises, respectively. The stadium project has also set construction 
workforce goals for utilization of women and minorities during construction of 32% minority and 
6% women participation.
In Minnesota, for a business to qualify as a “targeted group” for the Targeted Business Program, it must 
have 51% or more of its business owned and operated by women, people with disabilities or by a
“targeted” minority group including African American, American Indian, Asian American, Alaska Native 
or Hispanic American.
question 2
You can read from attachment
Total word count: 250 500 per essays or 500 1000 words for both essays answered.

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