evaluate the evidence

Course Instructions:

Using a two-step process, students will evaluate and synthesize the external evidence results from two (2) of the strongest external studies retrieved during the search of the literature that supports the intervention of the PICOT question formulated in Week 1. These are the studies that answer the chosen PICOT question and directly relate to the chosen intervention. The studies must be within the discipline of nursing and not medicine.


Among elderly patients aged 65 years or older (P), how will a fall risk assessment (I) compared to environment modification (C) assist in reducing incidences of falls (O) during hospital admission (T)?

Assignment Criteria:

Develop a scholarly paper that addresses the following criteria:

1. Complete the Evaluation Table Template found in the Week 3 module with the results from the two strongest external evidence studies.

a. Pages 180-181 (4th edition) provide detailed explanation of what type of information should be included in each

category of the Evaluation Table.

2. Determine the strength of each of the two (2) studies using the rating system in Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt (4th edition) page 18 and add the Level for each study to the evaluation table.

a. Information on the evaluation table should be in bulleted format, not sentences.

3. Include a legend on the evaluation table.

4. Place the completed Evaluation Table as an appendix.

5. Write a one to two-page narrative that analyzes how the evidence from the two studies supports the intervention of the PICOT question. If the evidence does not support the intervention, describe what would be the next step in the evidence-based practice process.

6. Include a brief introduction, purpose statement and conclusion. Level 1 headings required.

7. Include a title page, reference page and appendix.

8. Write the paper in third person, not first person (meaning do not use ‘we’ or ‘I’) and in a scholarly manner. To clarify: I, we, you, me, our may not be used. In addition, describing yourself as the researcher or the author should not be used.

9. APA 6th edition format is required.

10. The assignment does not need to be submitted to Turnitin.

11. Submit the assignment and copies of both studies by the posted due date.

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