excel data analytics engagement project 1

I need help my Excel Data Analytics Engagement Project, you have to know how to use SAS Studio.

  1. Export the SAS cars data to Excel (In your SASHELP library in SAS Studio, right click on CARS, select export, and export as an Excel or csv file). Select a folder within your SAS files area and export to that folder. Find the file you exported and download it to your computer.
  2. Open the file within Excel. If you cannot export as an Excel file, ensure that you export as a csv – you will still be able to open the csv file from Excel.
  3. On a separate workbook page, recreate the scatter plot that you made in SAS comparing engine size to highway mpg. You should have one graph with two sets of dots.
  4. For each car type in the scatterplot, right click on any dot and select add trendline. Use linear option, display equation on chart and display R-squared value on chart.
  5. Add any chart elements you feel will make the scatterplots easier to read and understand. I strongly recommend that each plot has a title, axis labels, and a legend at the minimum.
  6. Using Data > Data Analytics in Excel, do a linear regression for each type of car. Put this output on the same page as your scatter plot. NOTE: If your regression coefficients do not match the trendline equation for each car type, double check your work!
  7. Use Excel to calculate the correlation coefficient using the =CORREL command for each car type. Additionally, calculate the coefficient of determination for each car type as well. Put these values near your regression output. Do these values match what you found in your regression output?
  8. If the engine size was 8L, what do you predict the MPG would be for each type of car? Show your work in the file.
  9. Explain what your results mean in a textbox near your plots. Pay attention to the regression equation, regression output, correlation, and the R-squared value. Do the equations do a good job explaining MPG? Why or why not? What changes might you make to improve the model? Show me that you understand regression analysis. Do not be too brief!
  10. Save the Excel file, name it, and upload it here. NOTE: You must use Excel 2016 to upload your file as the only file type accepted is *.xlsx.
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