final audio presentation

In this Module, you will complete the Death Anxiety Scale again. To access the questionnaire click on the following document: Death Anxiety Questionnaire. (the previous and current questionnaires have been attached)

You will share if your score changed or your understanding of death, what you learned throughout the course and how can you help others or where you may still be struggling with the topic of death. This project will need to be a narrated presentation. The purpose of this project is to explore your own perspectives, reflections, and beliefs on death and dying now that you have completed this course. Your audio presentation project should be at least 2-5 minutes. You must cover the following in your presentation:

  • Your reflections on death (what you believe happens after death)?
  • Include your final score from the Death Anxiety Questionnaire (DAQ)
  • Include why a helping professional must have a better understanding of death than the general audience
  • Your honest reflection on grief and bereavement, including what you have learned during your course or what you still have concerns about related to death.
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