Finanace Problems



Much to your surprise, you were selected to appear on the TV show, “The Price is Right.” As a result of your prowess in identifying how many rolls of toilet paper an average American family keeps on hand, you win the opportunity to choose one of the following: $2,000 today, $10,000 in 10 years, or $31,000 in 29 years. Assuming you can earn 16% on your money, which should you choose? If you are offered $10,000 in ten years and can earn 16% on your money, what is the present value of $10,000?

Question 2:


After placing $13,000 in a savings account paying annual compound interest of 4%, Leona will accumulate what amount if she leaves the money in the bank for 3 years?

Question 3:


To pay for your education you have taken out $28,000 in student loans. If you make monthly payments over 13 years at 6% compounded monthly, how much are your monthly student loan payments?

Question 4:


What is the present value of a $650 perpetuity discounted back to the present at 12%? What is the present value of the perpetuity?

Question 5:

You are given three investment alternatives to analyze. The cash flows from these three investments are as follows:


What is the present value of each if these three investments if the appropriate discount rate is 13%?

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