finance 87

When completing the assignment, show all of your calculations along with explanations and provide complete and concise answers to the written portions of the assignment. 


18.4 The smiths had $110,000 in savings at age 51. They had a desired retirement age of 65. They want to fund through age 92. Assume a 4 percent inflation rate and a 5 percent after tax rate for investment both pre and postretirement. They have household income of $140,000, which is increasing at the rate of inflation. Their expenditures including taxes are $125,000 a year. They estimate that in retirement they will receive $28,000 a year together in Social Security and Mr. Smith will receive a $12,000 a year pension, both in today%u2019s dollars. Their retirement expenditures would be $90,000 a year in today%u2019s dollars.

1. Calculate:

a. The lump sum needed at retirement.

b. Current assets available at retirement

c. Yearly savings needed.

d. The difference between needs and resources.

2. Analysis:

a. Is their retirement plan achievable as is?

b. If not, what are the alternatives that could help reconcile needs and resources?

c. What is your recommendation?

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