FINM 7406 – International financial management

Exam information
Course code and name FINM 7406 – International financial management
Semester Semester 1, 2020
Exam type Take home
Exam date and time The assessment will be available 9am AEST (Brisbane time) on 10 June.
The assessment is due at 9am AEST (Brisbane time) on 12 June.
Please note: you will not be able to access the assessment task after this
Exam window You have a 48-hour window in which you must complete your exam. You can
access and submit your exam at any time within the 48-hour window.
Weighting This assessment is weighted at 60% of your total mark for this course.
Permitted materials This is an open book exam – all materials permitted
Instructions Answer all questions.
Part A comprises calculation questions to be completed in the Blackboard
test tool.
Part B comprises three essay questions which can be found in this
document. Each question must be answered in a separate document and
uploaded via the links on Blackboard.
Please begin your exam as soon as possible within the available window.
However, if you become unwell or experience exceptional circumstances
while completing this exam then submit an extension request before the
due date/time:.
Who to contact Should you have any issues about the assessment task, you should contact
your course coordinator at
If you experience any technical difficulties during the assessment task,
contact the Library AskUs service for advice. You should also ask for an email
documenting the advice provided so you can provide this to the course
coordinator immediately at
Important exam
condition information
The normal academic integrity rules apply to this assessment task.
 You cannot cut-and-paste material other than your own work as answers.
 You are not permitted to consult any other person – whether directly,
online, or through any other means – about any aspect of this
assessment during the period that this assessment is available.
If it is found that you have given or sought outside assistance with this
assessment then that will be deemed to be cheating and will result in
disciplinary action.
By undertaking this online assessment you will be deemed to have
acknowledged UQ’s academic integrity pledge to have made the following
“I certify that my submitted answers are entirely my own work and that I have
neither given nor received any unauthorised assistance on this assessment

Part A: Calculation questions
Please find and answer the calculation questions on Blackboard.
Part B: Essay questions
 There are three essay questions in this part of the examination. Please answer each question
in a separate Word document. Please name your files as follows:
FINM7406_Essay1_Last Name_FirstName_StudentID
FINM7406_Essay2_Last Name_FirstName_StudentID
FINM7406_Essay3_Last Name_FirstName_StudentID
 Please make sure you have your full name and student number on every page of your Word
 You will need to upload your exam via the links on Blackboard. The files must be in
Microsoft Word. You can submit your exam multiple times until the due date. However, only
the last submission will be marked.
 Your Word documents should be typed in Times New Roman font, size 12 and should be
single spaced and have margins of 2.54 cm.
 Your exam will be analysed for plagiarism using TurnItIn.

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