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FitBit, Inc. in 2017: Can It Revise Its Strategy and Reverse Mounting Losses?

Assignment Questions 1. How would you assess the forces that impact competition in the activity tracking industry? Prepare a Five Forces Model of Competition to support your conclusions 2. What are the key success factors for companies operating in or seeking to enter the activity tracking industry? 3. What are the most important elements of Fitbit’s competitive strategy? 4. Perform a SWOT analysis for Fitbit. Based on your assessment of these, what are some strategic options for Fitbit going forward? 5. Analyze the company’s financial performance. Do trends suggest that Fitbit’s strategy is working? 6. What recommendations would you make to Fitbit management to address the most important strategic issues facing the company?

I am providing you with this memo for Fitbit 2017. Again, I strongly suggest that you answer the case questions. These questions

should assist you in the proper use of tools of strategic analysis. DO NOT USE THEM AS A CRUTCH. You are provided with a series of questions that once adequately addressed will allow you to provide an in-depth case analysis. The focus of this case is of course material from Chapters

1 – 5. Please use the analytical tools from these chapters.

Please use the format below;


2. ANALYSIS (use analytical tools)

3. RECOMMENDATIONS (plan of implementation)

Fitbit Inc. CEO James Park has employed you as a consultant to assess the company’s overall situation and recommend a set of actions to improve the company’s future prospects. Please prepare a report to Mr. Park that includes: (1) an evaluation of competitive forces in the activity

tracking industry, (2) an assessment of Fitbit’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, (3) an evaluation of Fitbit’s financial and operating performance as displayed in case Exhibits 5 and 6, and (5) a set of action recommendations that Fitbit management should deploy to strengthen

the company’s competitive position and financial performance. Your report should be 5-6 pages plus it should include an assortment of original (not copied from the case!) charts, tables, and exhibits to support your analysis and recommendations.

After all the information I have provided above, all I need is the 6 page double spaced report and if possible brief answers on the assignment questions.Use the Fitbit case file i attached


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