further methods about the topic

If you really understood your topic, you found ‘suggestions for future research’ in the discussion sections or you realize that something would be a good study, but it hasn’t been done. For instance, I plan (so you can’t use this one) to combine cross-race ID with Fast vs Slow presentation of stimuli in eyewitness testimony. The presence of an eyewitness deficit when viewing faces of other ethnicities is well-established. Why is not. The fact that eyewitnesses do better if forced to decide in 3 seconds has been found. By combining both you may better understand why the cross-race deficit occurs. So, I would end up with 4 conditions (same-fast, same-slow, other-fast, other-slow) and hope that the results supported my hypothesis.

I don’t expect you guys to really do a great job at this. You are inexperienced and this is a REALLY short time frame to really absorb a topic to where you can predict the next study. That was one reason to limit your topics and give you starter articles. But, I do expect you to make a ‘good faith effort’.

Look at the methods of similar studies. Create just a methods section to go with your paper on the topic. Include things like the type of stimuli to be viewed, or the type of survey questions you would use, or the details of what task it was. A method section should allow someone else to read it and replicate your study.

This can be pretty short. Read the APA Manual on what does and does not go in a Methods section. Model it after the studies that did something similar. Often, you can almost plagiarize the methods of others. If yours is the ‘next step’ in this research, it should be very similar and you just change a factor or two. Yours can be simpler than those you read. Just address one thing, so a 2 or maybe 3 group experiment is the simplest thing.

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