Gastrointestinal System Disorders Presentation





  • Pathophysiology
  • Health assessment related to the system presented
  • Risk Factors: Modifiable and non-modifiable (if applicable)
  • Sign and symptoms
  • Diagnostic Test: Patient education about procedure
  • Complications. Clinical manifestations. Nursing intervention
  • Treatments (Medications (Dosage/route/side effect), Surgical Management (Patient education about procedure)
  • Teaching and Health Promotion
  • Document a collaborative Plan of care Based on the disease presented (choose one). Please choose a Medical Diagnosis & Nursing Diagnosis, related to, evidence by, and expected outcome (with measurement: Time frame). Nursing intervention and Rationale of each one of the nursing interventions.
  • Reference: The student book must be included beside other resources used.
  • GI Disorders: GERD. Crohn’s Disease VS Ulcerative Colitis

Student book:

Ignatavicius-Workman, Medical-Surgical Nursing,10th edition eBook:

978-0-323-61242-5 Copyright, 2021 by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. ISBN (2-volume set): 978-0-323-61241-8


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