global business 4

Assignment unit 8 Final Project Phase 1: PowerPoint Presentation In this unit you will submit a PowerPoint presentation as background research for your final project due in Unit 9. In order to be ready for the final project due in Unit 9 you will submit some research that you will do regarding family life and housing prices in India and Mexico. View the APA presentation to review how to correctly add citations and references to your assignment. Remember to address all checklist items in the PDF below. For details on your assignment click the Guidelines button below. Final Project Phase II: Summary Write a summary for the Marketing Dept. of IKEA regarding the product launch location (your choice of India or Mexico) for IKEA’s new Green Homes using the sites listed in the PDF below. There is no right or wrong answer. But you must provide a solid argument for why your choice is preferable. Make sure to include the checklist items below to be successful and incorporate what you learned in Phase I in Unit 8 to complete this paper. For details on your assignment click the Guide button below.
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