Grand Canyon University Personal Statement Essay




I am applying to get into nursing school and I need to write a personal statement. Everything you need is below. The information before each response are the instructions and I’ve tried to add some stuff to help out.


OUTLINE: 5 Sentences

Discuss accident

Connection to the Healthcare Profession

Appreciation for nurses and seeking to become one in the future

In 2016, during my freshman year at Mississippi State University (MSU) my life was radically changed. My mother survived a severe attack, that resulted in approximately 30 stitches being placed in her hands and face. After hearing the doctor explain to my mom how she is a warrior because she was not supposed to live, I had no better feeling in my heart but to thank the nurses that watched over her while she was not able to help herself. That is when I knew nursing was something I really wanted to do, that smile on my mom’s face after her healing softened my heart, it was very explicit. Watching different nurses help my mom heal as she layed in that bad not able to eat, only being fed liquids, having them help her use the restroom until she was able to use her own hands really touched me. That’s when I finally knew my purpose, it was definitely nursing. Who would’ve known a 19 indecisive individual like myself would want to pursue my career in Nursing? Freshman year I came to this school alone, heartsick, and confused with no guidance. After 4 elongates years during my undergrad I feel as if I am built for this new and exciting journey into becoming a nurse. I have had the ambition and hard working spirit that nursing felt the perfect category for my purpose.

Background of Why Nursing


Help change lives

Like helping people

Aligns with personality traits and skills

A fast-paced work environment that is monotonous

Professionals create a positive environment

Financial stability as 1st gen

Requires a high level of integrity

Opportunity for upward mobility and professional development

Engage a diverse population of people/patients

Kinesiology major with a specialization CLEP

Nurses are not only helpful to the healthcare profession but have the ability to instill a sense of hope to patients and their families. Nursing is a very ambitious and grueling career, nonetheless I have so much passion and patience for this career that I feel my purpose is to heal patients and change lives one step at a time. I am excited to pursue a career in this field in which I feel will motivate me to perfect many skills that I have, such as flexibility, empathy, and my communication skills. As time has progressed, I have fallen in love with my planner. It keeps me motivated, on task and very time managed.

I know that becoming a nurse would grant me to accomplish this aspiration. Nursing is definitely a field made for committed, dependable and most importantly believing people who are able to create relationships with different patients instantly. I feel that I have all of these skills to the best of my ability and I honestly want to make a huge impact and change for people, to be able to help them and their families through these tough times when they need you the most. The act of a nurse changes daily as nurses are extremely involved in the benefit of the patient and this holds a lot of nurses responsible. I am motivated enough to embrace this challenge and to make sure that I take the power of these certain changes and other opportunities and use them to progress in my career.


OUTLINE: 5 Sentences

College Coach/PAWS – Interpersonal skills, Time Management, Goal Setting, Mentoring

Information Assistant- Customer Service, graveyard shifts/long hours (flexible and hospitable)-

Health Service Volunteer/ Service Dawgs – Facilitate dialogue about sensitive health topics to reduce unhealthy habits and practices, event planning, 800 hours of service in the community and on campus, I am dedicated to service which is a key element of this profession

I.D.E.A.L. Committed and resilient (award received) propelled to pursue executive leadership with others orgs…

During my time at MSU, I intentionally sought out opportunities and experiences to prepare me for a career in nursing.

As a Kinesiology major concentrating in CLEP. ( I am a graduate of Mississippi State University where I studied Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology with a purpose of seeking nursing. While at Mississippi State each term I spent an extensive amount of time making an impact. For example, I was a college coach (mentor) for first generation college students, Information assistant for housing and residence, mentor for PAWS, which stands for Peers Assisting with Students, Health service volunteer, I.D.E.A.L. Woman,( rewarded most dedicated) an executive member 2 years in a row where I served as the treasurer for this organization, Service dawgs, Involvement ambassador and also inducted in the national society of Leadership and Success I had the privilege and the honor of mentoring students that were just like me when I was a freshman lost and uncertain on what my purpose was. Surprisingly these activities showed me that I loved helping people, but in the mist of all the activities I was involved in, I knew something was missing.

Personal/Professional goals

OUTLINE: 5 Sentences

Personal goals

Volunteer with a nonprofit agency that works with third world countries to provide healthcare to indigenous communities

National Society of Leadership and Success helped you to realize you can contribute back to your community, by..Create a shadowing program for high school and college students for first-generation and low-income students.

Professional goals

Traveling nursing


Partner with CNA programs

Assist with the launching of Nursing for MSU students

Why Baptist Nursing School

OUTLINE: 5 Sentences

Talk about Internship translate to program

Talk about the ways your academic Courses translate to program

– Nutrition

-Human Development-life span

-Abnormal Psychology

-Aging and Disability

-A/P and Microbiology (discrepancy)

Provide resources to marginalized populations which is similar to MSU by offering coaches and advisors, James helpful

Offers accelerated courses which pursue in a timely matter

Prepare me for clinical

Ambassador for the program to an individual with a similar background that may be unsure how to align their Bachelors with career goals

I have had the ambition and hard working spirit that nursing felt the perfect category for my purpose. At this very moment as I walk into the hospital at North Mississippi Medical Center, I’ve learned so much about the nurses and their profession, teamwork is essential and critical thinking is key. Those two things stand out to me the most as I intern at NMMC, because you have to always think about all the possible results and even consider the best type of action not only for yourself but also for the patient’s safety. Working as a team shows their excellence with it being so many people in the healthcare field everyone must come together to make sure all patients are safe. It motivated me to even imagine waking up every morning knowing I would have the opportunity to help someone or also make someone’s day. I am an imperfect young woman trying to save the world one encounter, interaction and smile at a time.

This journey so far has not been the easiest thing for me, but it has definitely been God’s planned. As I apply for nursing schools, I get more and more anxious to see that I’ve made it this far to the applying process which is pretty far to me. My dream is to be a traveling nurse, I would love to travel around the world and make a difference. I am still in the process of learning and growing, matter fact took me through a longer route to nursing so that I can learn what exactly patience and resilience look like. So far, my journey has taught me both of them. Although I am not done learning, I don’t think I’ll ever be done! Even when transitioning over into the medical field, the legacy that I plan to leave behind will teach millions of people how to follow their dreams and that the time of the journey isn’t what’s important, it’s what you learn from your journey and how you got to your final destination.


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